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Name:Ceramic Arc Magnet
Shape:Cylinder, Disc, Rectangle, Square, Ring, Arc can be customized.
Material:Y25, Y30, Y30H-1, Y30H-2, Y32, Y33-1,5,8 (1-8 possible)
Tolerance of Molded ferrite:Length & width ±0.3mm Thickness ±0.1mm
Tolerance of Sliced ferrite:Length & width ±0.2mm Thickness ±0.05mm
Coposite:35 strontium 20 barium, Hard ferrite magnets
Working Temperature:572°F to 932°F (300 to 500°C)
Sample policy:sample fee accordingly and freight paid by customers.
Sample lead time:within 5~7days by DH
Bale:Standard anti-magnetism packaging
Bulk manufacture time:10~15days
Payment terms:FOB Dongguan/Shenzhen. TT, Western union
Delivery time:shipped in 15days after payment by DHL, FEDEX, TNT, UPS within 30 days by sea
Others:All outgoing products have SGS report and strictly accordance with ROHS production

Product Description

Segment ceramic magnets(Ferrite) are usually non-conductive ferrite magnetic ceramic compounds derived from iron oxides such as hematite(Fe2O3)or magnetite(Fe3O4). 

Applications: Speaker magnets, DC brushless motors, Magnetic Resonance imaging (MRI), Lawnmowers and outboard motors magnets, Machines , DC motors, AC motors, Linear motors, Wind turbine generator, Sensors, Motor generator and meter apparatus, Toys and Furniture etc.         

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